The concept of the bot is as follows: looking for an entry point using the MACD+RSI strategy and accumulating the position using DCA/Martingale trading tool – buy is carried out in parts, in such a way that cheaper orders are bought in a larger amount. In this case the bot will buy cheaper when the exchange rate falls, and sell for more when the rate increases (“Long” algorithm). 

Similarly “Short” algorithm is looking for entry points with the help of MACD and RSI indicators. In this case, after the sell signal appeares, the selling of the cryptocurrency will be performed in parts: the higher the sell order, the greater its amount. When the exchange rate falls altcoins are bought back, thereby increasing your deposit.

Choosing a proper trading pair will give you +0.5 to +1.5% gain to your deposit daily.



Hfbot has been successfully tested on Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken, Upbit, The Ocean, COSS, Exmo exchanges. It can also run on any exchange supported by the built-in ccxt library, however, the correct interaction with other exchanges has not been thoroughly tested yet.

Hfbot can be used both on the remote server and on the home computer. Currently available for windows х64 and linux, does not require installation (runs in a single file)

Unlike similar cloud services, using hfbot you do not need to provide your API keys to a third party or pay additional fees and charges. The bot is regularly updated, all updates are available for free. For beginners, detailed instructions and 24-hour support are provided.

Your API keys are secure

You do not need to provide API keys to a third party. It serves as a guarantee that your deposit on the exchange will not be compromised

No any fees and charges

Hfbot works on your server or PC. Fees and other charges are not applicable

The bot is regularly updated

All updates are available for free, just download them and place them into the bot folder




SERVER v.2.1.3


DESKTOP v.2.1.3


TRIAL v.2.1.3



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Hfbot can trade on any exchange supported by ccxt library. But we strongly recommend using only tested exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Huobi, KuCoin, Kraken, Exmo, Upbit, The Ocean, COSS.

API key and SECRET are generated in your personal exchange account. After the keys are received they should be pasted into the hfbot config.toml file as follows:

api_key = ‘b256615b88c9189ba395e863485781c0’
api_secret = ’36dd212bdc134b4f82c3bf32c23cdee0′

api_key = ‘fiYh1Tf32JG31mNNQKsJrXiWzjAf5M1svG8jIBPHo3p9rSxStRMseNvx2soZsh4w’
api_secret = ‘HK2f3FBRxDT1vu2WpswOVKyOhI0BwuOBnD45Tdc6KL4BylLKe8GRFv6mYkIcJPOLg’

…and so on

Your deposit on the exchange must be at least 0.01 BTC in order to test the bot and API connection.
For successful trading we recommend using a deposit of at least 2000-3000 USD or equivalent in cryptocurrency.

The main idea of the bot is to trade in some established corridor or trade on flat. The greater the volatility of the trading pair, the greater the profit is possible to earn using hfbot.

When setting up the bot, you have to decide on which trading pair you will trade and which algorithm to choose. Hfbot can trade in LONG algorithm and SHORT algorithm. LONG algorithm accumulates the main exchange currencies (BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB…) when trading altcoins. To work in “long” your deposit on the exchange must consist of the main currency if you trade altcoin/BTC pair, altcoin/USDT, altcoin/ETH or altcoin/BNB (for Binance). SHORT algorithm accumulates the altcoin. To work in “short” your deposit must consist of the altcoin that you will sell to buy back cheaper.

1. Check out the “Range cover”. Perhaps you have specified too small value, and the price fell much lower (LONG algorithm).
2. If you have traded on ETH/BTC and you have purchased ETH for the entire Deposit, try switching to trading in a pair where ETH is the main currency, for example NEO/ETH. In this case, the bot will accumulate Ether.
3. If the market is bearish, try the SHORT algorithm. In this case, you will also continue to accumulate ETH. 
4. Don’t trade all deposit. Leave part of your funds for averaging.
5. Don’t trade on pairs where unpredictable pumps and dumps are seen.

Yes, it is possible and this is another advantage of our bot. In order to start trading on several altcoins (up to 5 pairs have been tested), you need to create several directories (for example bot_LTC, bot_BNB, bot_ETH), copy bot files into them and edit the config.toml files. It should be remembered that for each pair you will need to allocate a share of the deposit.

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